Sunday, 28 December 2008


It's meant to be a Christmas tree. OH WELL!

My Christmas gayme is out now called Santa Claus Down. It's a 1st person adventure which has been whipped up rather quickly for Zmas so I apologise for it's rough edges. It CAN be completed but some errors when trying the time trial can occur. And stuff. SO, GO PLAY :D

The crazy mp3 soundtrack is pretty much almost available from my website.

And if when you see that page the top-ish section is all over the place, please let me know! Cos it seems to do it on some computers but none of mine :/

FoY xmas animation is looking fantastic but it could still be a day or two before it sees the light of day. I really need to get the music done, which I will, after I've edited more of Vaughny's wedding.



Tuesday, 16 December 2008

It's a bit chilly but not in Chile

I know several people that will have read that as "chyal" :p It seems there's some UFO activity in Santiago recently, almost identical to another video from 2003 taken at the same time of the year. There's speculation it's just military aircraft "celebrating" something & that the triangular formation is actually a standard military manouever. What do you think?

My game is almost ready! 50 rendered backgrounds are complete, animations are complete now its just a few sequences and "look ats" to code but other than that...going very well :) I was hoping to release it tomorrow, but I don't think it'll be ready until Xmas eve now. Definitely before Xmas day tho! :P YAY. And it will be my first "medium length" full AGS game hehehe! Even if it does only have 2 puzzles ;) Ok, maybe it's a short game.

And YAY Murhpy's Salvage has been released! Have a go, sort out Wombat's problems! The game includes music by me! I didn't use a keyboard at all either, it's completely from my head. YAY

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Still going

My christmas game is at 25 rooms with about 15 more projected. I've been rendering a cutscene and 5 seconds is taking 5 hours...if only the tree objects weren't so complex! I hope to have the game about by the 17th, and it's looking quite likely.

I almost made a trailer, but then realised it had no value, so instead I'm going to make an AGS forum post...

I also have only 8 days or so to make a kickass 40 question pub quiz with all its usual fun DVD elements. You'll never see it, but at least you know I'm making it :P I'm doing a disco the night after too, which will be fun. And alcoholic :p

I still can't afford Christmas presents for anyone, which sucks. I hope money sorts itself out a bit in the next week or two.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Sleigh bells ring!

Are you listening?

It's December and Xmas decorations are flying! Our tree is up and it's all sparkly like :) I watched The Jerk the other night for the second time in my life, and it continues to grow on me. I don't usually like Steve Martin & especially not when he's trying to be eccentric, but somehow his performance in The Jerk is spot on! The film is funny, witty - and although it looks dated, it some how feels just as relevant & funny today as it would've when it was released. The gags are somewhat timeless I assume. Definitely worth a watch!

In gaming news, I'm still awaiting the release of Murphy's Salvage, a little AGS game with some of my music in. I just hope it gets released this side of the New Year so I can then state I did manage 3 soundtracks this year :p

I've applied to do music on the new Ace Quest game and Mills has given me some kind reassurance, but it's too early for him to have a clear picture of the music side, so he's not coming to any decisions about that for a while!

Mr Doak popped by my blog (thanks Mike) to say Fatman 2 continues! Just...well...I don't know. I need a list from you Mike, that's all!!!

Yahtzee continues to make Zero Punctuations but it appears he has nothing game wise in the works. I've emailed him a few times but not had a response, I guess he's too busy even to speak to me. BASTARD! Still, it's only a matter of time before he realises he needs to make one of his own games again. I assure you :)

Um, and I can't remember what else I'm working on. Oh yes I can. *fumble* I've just sent the guy a PM to say I can start work on it now that I've finished the Murphy's Salvage one. And of course there is the NEW Larry Vales game! But Phil is also still merely pondering over soundtrack matters too I think :)

I am making a Christmas game which is a 1st person adventure for fun. It should be ready in a fortnight, just before Xmas eve. Only problem at the moment is, it's too bloody linear!!!

Matti is still working on the backgrounds for Dumbass Drivers! and I can't wait to see them complete! But there is no rush, so DD or DAD will be ready in 2009.

I have some catching up to do with the latest AGS releases which I hope to do over Christmas. I wonder how many other Xmas games are in the works?

Watched 2 filming hasn't happened for a few weeks, my fault...illness, family meals...but this coming weekend I hope to get in one decent full day, and there are a LOT of exciting shots to do so I can't wait! We've permission to do some great stuff in the scrap-yard with a large grab...awesome! Under professional supervision, of course ;) The trailer however has been seen by bollox all people, so its here!

UFO Watch UK episode 4 is coming very soon, it's quite complete but not wholly. Episode 5 is going to be something quite special though :) It was planned to be the Xmas special but I really don't think I'm going to get time. So 4 will be average but 5 will hopefully match number 3's 2000 views :D

We've had some beautifully clear nights in the last week - thank Yahweh! It had been cloudy for literally a MONTH and a half, since October 14th!!! GRRR hehe. But I haven't SEEN any UFOs, even though I've been looking. I have, in the past, seen them in these cold months so I'm going to keep my eyez on the skyz :)

I've updated the Screen 7 website in a couple of areas, but I haven't had the time or the money to finalise this years award stuff. The runners up will get their prize over Christmas time, and the trophy...well, the company moved off their premesis during its production - and I haven't had the time or money to find them again. Still, I'll just get another one made if I have too. Sorry for the delay to the winner...but try and go to Mittens, so you can recieve it in person!! ;p

That's it. I can't think of anything else even vaguely relevant. I'd like a cup of tea? Merry Christmas!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

X-box adventures of a novice

Ok, not an awful lot to discuss today so I thought I would do a couple of reviews. Keep in mind that I'm an Xbox novice and I generally play games on Easy or Normal because I'm an adventure gamer at heart and worry more about progressing the story than I do wanting to blow away a thousand million bad guys.

Rainbow Six Vegas 7/10 - Status, un-finished, just passed Hell's Gate
I was dubious about what this game would be like when I saw the box but after getting to grips with the controls I absolutely love this game. The storyline is intriguing and there's a nice set of missions before you hit the Strip itself which was great. Being able to move your team around and make them storm in rooms and stuff is just brilliant - it's a lot of fun. As always though there comes a point where it's just more of the same, and frustration kicks in. It would have benefited from a few more checkpoints along the way, but I'm saying that cos I'm shit at FPS games. None the less, all the tricks, the graphics & the story make this a fantastic game to play. Highly recommended!

Gears of War 2 8/10 - Status, finished
I have had a go on the first game but I'm not allowed to play it in full yet because my friend wants to do the solo campaign first, hehe. None the less I WAS allowed to play the sequel and it's been a lot of fun. The controls & characters remain the same, but this time the aim is to reach the heart of the bad guys and take them out. There are a lot of twists and turns and the story is extremely engrossing. Sure, you have to blow away a lot of Locust alien things but this feels like a worthy battle. There are quite a few un-expected twists and turns which I thought were neat, as you hit points where you think "I know whats coming next" but it doesn't. Awesome game, with quite a few unique & interesting challenges besides running around on foot. Genuinly scary moments too, though I'm not convinced it is as scary as the first, afterall, where are the Beserkers? Where are those flying creature things? Maybe I have to complete the first game to find out why they aren't in the 2nd. Very definitely play this if you can. It's fantastic :D

That'll do for now :)

Thursday, 27 November 2008

It doesn't deserve a title

Things is ares hotting up at AGS as a massive debate revolving around Nacho occurs & two blogs merge into one, and a game is "deleted" from the datbase by it's author. Also, A Vampyre Story thing becomes available as a demo and the majorty of people are left dissapointed.

In other news, Man City win 2-0 to Schalke! Not that I care really. And you probably don't either. I have been able to update the Screen 7 film & games pages; a minor update which includes the Ben Jordan film we made.

It's a quiet time for music as I wait on a release of a game, and I haven't filmed for a couple of weekends. More news soon, but only if & when it's relevant.....and it never is :P

Monday, 10 November 2008

Hey dumbass, over here!

I've recently put my demo for Dumbass Drivers online, and have managed to find an artist who is helping to re-draw all the backgrounds into his lovely style for the full version, thank you Matti! You can play my demo with great voice acting by Grundislav here:

In other news, WATCHED II has begun filming & will be my 2nd short film produced in 2008. The original film was shot 6 years ago so it's quite exciting to be pulling together the old crew, visit some old locations & shoot some NEW material! I hope to have it edited by Christmas, but Jan or Feb 2009 looks more possible.

Recently announced is a new LARRY VALES game and Phil has kindly asked me to contribute music, yay! I'm a tune or two away for finishing my latest MIDI score for MURPHY'S SALVAGE, a short AGS game that I expect will be out by the end of November 08! I've only done one soundtrack in MIDI this WHOLE year, which is a bit of a shame, but I've been going through a lot of personal issues this year and I couldn't focus strongly on music. But don't fret, NELLY COOTALOT 2 is in the midst!!! Though I haven't heard anything from the developer. I haven't heard any more about FATMAN 2. Still, a lot of sequels lined up, my pants are wet already!

Not much else to say I'm afraid! No new UFO's either :( But Grace told me about an alien light that travelled through her and two mates. INTRIGUING. Or just plain CRAZY? You decide :p

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

UFO Oct 21st 2008 - Holland

This superb video was captured in Holland. What is it? The strange object almost looks like a giant foot or paw!! And whatever that thing is near the odd! :D


This seems like a good place to be able to keep up to date on all the latest UFO's. So here we go!! :)