Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Away for a week

Going kiting with my mate, but I thought I'd just say - multiplayer fun over at Fountain of Youth: Arcade Fighter..!

And I'll be finishing up Night of the Testicle when I'm back.

Have a good weekend, enjoy the Royal Wedding, if you're watching, see you sooon baaiii!

peace x

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

One for the bollock, two for the scrote

For some odd reason last September I started a sequel to the first AGS game I ever released pretty much - Day of The Testicle (early 2002). Oddly, that old game has an entry over at Adventure Gamers, (added by Berian probably!!)...

I guess it was originally simply to help me get back into the spirit of AGS-ing after problems during 2010 with Lost in Paradise. It's become more of a "10 year anniversary" thingy for me now though. Still, luckily both games are on the go. So to tempt your nether regions, here's what the press are saying about... NIGHT OF THE TESTICLE ..!!! ?

What's more is that it's nearly finished! I've been working on it non-stop for the past week. Just a couple more puzzles to finish off. Yes, yes, the graphics are poop and the puzzles are nothing to shout about. But there is 30 minutes of original MIDI music, for some unknown reason. Anyway, this is a little side project...

Other areas of gaming have been quieter since my last post. People are falling off the edge of the Earth, so most projects beside Testicle and Paradise are again having a "hold" period.

I think I mentioned previously about a new team which consists of people I live in the same town as, 7 of us, and the adventure we're working on at the moment is called "Recall". It's just a short one about a robot thing, but thankfully over the past week some of the materials have come together, including music and original sound effects. We're just waiting on some backgrounds, and then I can start building it :)

Not sure there's much else to say really! BJ:MD needs my attention and love for the next few months really.

Finally, I'm back on Facebook - the break was good. I'd recommend it, and in time, I will be taking another one. Becoming "disconnected" from the central hub that is Facebook felt very refreshing, and I could actually go out and be a twat without having to deal with the consequences online later those evenings :P Thanks for reading!