Monday, 21 February 2011

Little things

Well as always there's enough stuff to blog about but not actually any massive progress in my life. So I thank the technological age and hope it's proud to be able to support my thoughts and scribblings whilst I remain scum of the earth.

Firstly - I've had one small UFO encounter recently but it was so brief I'm most likely to discount it over the course of my interest on the subject. It may not have been real but none the less I'm still marking it as a possible occasion. Very fast, briefly de-cloaking (or briefly underlit by the city) ship much like this one. So I'd like to think that if there can be such massive co-incidences in day to day life that perhaps I did catch a glimpse of that awesome youtube UFO then everything is right ;) The only other mystery is how did I become my own follower of my blog. I'm confused. More confused about that than alien life TBH.

HOWEVER. My main YouTube account is banned because I pissed off 20th Century Fox. I guess I knew it would happen sooner or later, but after a pretty positive 6 year run on YouTube it's a bit of a blow. I'd just - literally hours before my perma-ban - reached my 2 millionth video view. So I'm considering it an achievement even if it does mean I can never upload to YouTube again.

People say "sign up again" but it's not as simple as that any more. It's all linked to Google, and I'm a good-oogle boy, I had everything linked. So I'm pretty screwed in terms of YouTube, indefinitely. That means the only way to see some videos I've made is via the Screen7 website and film > phat section. Sorry about that.

The Ben Jordan 2 movie continues to shape up, but still needs love and devotion. I'm organizing some epic scenes and I won't let it be released without them. Watch this space. The new deadline for me is Mittens 2011, which I want to stick to.

With games, I've tried to blag some old, well known developers into thinking up new stories for AGS games. And I've already had some replies from David Gray and John Passfield. So over the course of the year some exciting new projects may take shape. Naturally the AGS awards are just round the corner, and as if by magic there's a Screen7 game in the DEMO section as per usual, so do try out Indy and the Crystal Curs0ids if you get a chance :)

Music has fallen a bit silent lately cos of debt and stuff. Some software I've been using trial period is out and I can't afford it right now, but I've made some new stuff for the up-coming FoY mini-game and a new game by Dom Pompo. I'm yet to receive a new build of Primordia but I'm looking forward to it, and also the deal that's going down.

I'm still off Facebook and it's been a good time with noticeable differences, and also something a little more "human" in my mind. I should be able to go back to it fairly soon with a better attitude towards it. I miss not having the convinience of being able to quickly blip a message to someone, but the confidence of knowing I can get in touch with them by any other means and have their respect is - well, somewhat more compelling.

From here then, who knows. More filming to do ASAP, Mittens in the midst. Website bill and no money. Such is life! Thanks for reading :)