Thursday, 3 December 2009


No free money here I'm afraid, but plenty of other interesting-ish stuff!!

I'm pleased to say several new games have been finished lately! Firstly there's the Tales of Monkey Island fan-game parody thingy which I created music for, pretty hastily, and never really finished! But it was on a tight deadline! By monkey_05_06 and artwork by Ben - nice to finally contribute to both their works!

Also, GreenBoy's new short comedy adventure Danny Dread is on Call which has a proper soundtrack by me! I love this little game, it's not too long but the puzzles are fun, the humour is witty and the animations are a very nice touch. Please check it oot :D

And also a demo of my very own game, Lost In Paradise which has effectively made the November - December 2009 my most productive AGS weeks ever! The game itself is progressing nicely. Lately I have been a bit slack on it though because of all these other mini-projects, so the original idea of having it done in 2009 is...very unlikely. But as the Complete-O-Meter on the s7 website says, it IS a good 50-60% complete :)

For Halloween, we also felt like making a little movie and so came up with a rather weird horror film called Bludgeoned To Death, available to watch for the 1st time in a higher!

And that's about it. I'm still skint, just got a comfy bed after using floors, couches and campervans for the last 18 months, so I am enjoying epic comfy sleep at the moment...Other than that, I still drink & smoke too much, but am quite content at the moment. Perhaps because I've been replaying Theme Hospital lately...Thanks for reading, now go do something more useful!1