Tuesday, 6 March 2012

extra extra!

First update of the twenty-twelve, two months have passed and it's been quite a ride. Since the last post a fair amount has happened especially in the world of AGS.

I managed to complete my game 11-11-11 and release it and got some good feedback from players, even some good reviews including Adventure Gamers and it even made Best Free PC Games of the week with PC Gamer, so that made me proud!

Since then I've updated the game with more sounds and more cutscenes so it's even better than before, if you haven't played it, give it a go! It even takes about 2 hours to complete so I'm glad it panned out to be quite long. I personally can't finish it in less than 30 minutes and I know exactly what to do.

11-11-11 official page

Things are moving in terms of Screen 7 becomming more than just a hobbyist website with games and stuff, yep, it's finally time to take it to the next level, form a legal company and focus on selling great games. Of course, if that fails, it's time to officially stop pissing around with AGS and game-making and go get a real job :P

Here's how the new site is looking, which will be focussed entirely on games and services for game-makers. I'm wiping out the film section for the time being as it's no longer my focus for the company.

So if you have a game in production of any scale get in touch because I'm looking for games to sell. You can expect to see info on that in public on the AGS forum pretty soon.

That said plenty of people want to go it alone and I don't blame them. So it's going to be a very testing year for me and this business, fingers crossed, it will get somewhere :)

Beyond that I've been doing more editing for BJ:MD and it is in a very sweet state, but still not completely released. I've put the first 26 minutes online even though it's got some errors and is missing a few shots, for people to preview. But the weather has prevented me from filming the final scene but hope to tackle that this weekend.

Still waiting on Unga Needs Mumba a game I wrote music for last year. But it's undergoing some voice acting stuff, can you believe one of the chaps who wrote Ben There Dan That is providing the voice for Unga!

I've been working on test music for A Night at Camp Ravenwood, and that's been cool - I don't know how else to describe it. I'm having fun, and I'm happy with how it sounds.

Kinky Island is now looking for your help for funding, though the funds are half for KI and half for the setup of Screen 7 as a proper online publisher. You can help out at:

Kinky Island @ IndieGoGo

What else? Oh yes, organising a music gig, just a couple of weeks away now. Do you like rock and metal music? Feel free to come along, you can even get a discount ticket online! But if you're reading this, you probably don't live anywhere near Wallingford :P


You can probably see I'm in creative/do stuff over-drive. It feels like I am in a way but thats great, things feel achievable and it feels like there is a clear goal ahead of me for once, rather than uncertainty.

My friend Simon Love continues work on the soundtrack for Yahtzee's new game Poacher, it's very nearly done, just 3 tracks left to finalize. So as always Screen 7 is holding up Yahtzee's game :P Nothing new there, but I can assure you, it's very close.

I sent all the completed tracks to him last night and Simon has promised he will get the remainder done asap. He's been uber busy with 3rd year uni work. He also recently won and then set a new AGS tune contest and announced the winner the other day.

Fountain of Youth team are looking at ways of getting things done even quicker, we need artists - if you are one or know any, get the hell in touch, we need you to help us share the workload! Passage of Saints was released over Xmas and also went down well, thank you everyone who played it!!

There were a few errors and I don't want to be the ass that says they will never be fixed, but they probably won't until the end of the year, we all have so much else to be getting on with in the meantime.

Gonna leave it there before my computer crashes (which it WILL do in the next few minutes, regular as clockwork!!!) - but thanks for reading. It's pretty much just been an update this time round. Hopefully it's shown you that things are still full steam ahead this end.

Oh, and Summerbatch is still underway nicely - people seem to be working on their games and the list is looking nice!! More on that in a future update :)