Sunday, 30 January 2011

game a sutra

Just popping by with a little news :) 2011 is going to be a busy time for me in terms of soundtracks. With the possibility of one game going commercial under a well known adventure studio it's going to be a challenging time for me in terms of producing something really acceptable by today's standards.

Three other games are also on my schedule for some music so I'm happy to be busy with those game related projects. I've finally started hitting the AGS code again with new enthusiasm and have a couple of short game projects in the works as we speak, one being a crap maze game called Mr. Maze and also a point & click adventure mini-crap-series :p Anyway the main point is my motivation is in a good place right now.

And because of that I've also been out filming more for the Ben Jordan sequel lately, with some epic new scenes shot in central Oxford. Well, by epic I mean epic in terms of what we can legally film on the cuff in a few hours ;)

I've also left Facebook for a while as a social science experiment. I'll be testing whether my spam email decreases, whether my knowledge of what all my friends are up to is really necessary for my already over-flowing brain, how easy it is to continue to communicate with good friends & associates without FB, whether my concentration improves or gets worse without it, etc. I can still be contacted easily over email and mobile/texts.

So it's a different, new but exciting time for me in the gaming world. Outside of that things are mellow and typical. I've pissed people off. Still, this year could have quite an impact on my future, providing I play my cards right. Thanks for taking a look :)


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

foy-king amazing!

Fountain of Youth is on the front of PC Gamer, under a headline about Black Ops, under one about Kinect and ABOVE a headline about Bad Company 3. MENNTALL :)