Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Doing different stuff

I've had some luck lately which is much needed cos I've been feeling a bit gloomy about things. But I ended up winning a Budweiser promotion and get 5 bottles of Bud and a meal every day of the world cup - starting Friday...come on England!! I expect to be thoroughly pissed & have liver problems by July! I doubt I'll ever win FREE BEER again in my life --- but once is AMAZING enough :D

I now have a car (a lovely little Rover Metro) and went to Silbury Hill for the first time to see a crop circle for the first time also with my friend Joe. It was interesting to see how the corn is "bent" and somewhat fused at the nodes but not broken. Aliens? Who knows. Went to a local pub and had a chat with a fella that believes it's all people with boards. But his mate wasn't so sure...

Car means I can start filming again, but days after I got it and was going to get started on a new UFO Watch UK, my camcorder broke :( Looks like I'll have to buy another one off ebay if I'm to do that and BJ2...

In the gaming world I've mostly been concentrating on music and finished a soundtrack for Living Nightmare 2 which seems to have gone down pretty well! Also been working as ever on Lost In Paradise, the outro sequence is keeping me nicely frustrated! My facebook countdown app has a month more time alloted to get it finished. Whether my brain app will allow that is another matter!

Other than that not much else to report. Everyone's off to Download this weekend to metal it up, and I'm still struggling to get money together for Mittens Italia...but the World Cup is right on our doorstep now, so it's exciting times :D