Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Had a bit of a breather this month, in terms of games. It would appear NOTT was received well, although the comments have been far and few I can happily report Steve Brown from Adventure Gamers wrote "Screen 7 have provided a truly strange experience in their latest offering." whilst Andrew MacCormack from the AGS community defines it as a "scrotal masterpiece" :D They are right, it is both strange and scrotal.

The soundtrack is available, for a dollar, dollar, cos dollar's what I need. See here. I'm having some FTP problems preventing me from updating any websites til the turn of next month, (or ditching my current ISP and joining another one) but that's just as well - like I said, it's breather month. The last 4 months were pretty intense game making times :D

However - things have not suffered in the least. Luckily, I've been able to concentrate on Ben Jordan 2 movie. And in the last month we've shot some great chase sequences locally. A special preview of an early draft scene in the movie, which happens away from the action in Italy can be watched here!

With literally weeks before Mittens begins, the time from now til then is going to be filled with all the final scenes needed to complete the 70 minute movie. I'll be taking it in draft form to Mittens and hopefully having the characters record various dubs to fill the awful gaps in sound produced by me using Long Play recording on camera at the time, (I was warned!). I also have to ask Grundy to make a special "in-game sequence" for the movie. He's also agreed to direct a BJ short at Mittens...maybe...

May not have been using AGS recently, but I've begun patching up the holes in design for Fountain of Youth and making sure the story is entirely complete. I know work continues on the game itself, but that's not something I see much of personally right now with my limited internet set up, but Paul is happily coordinating the development and utilizing the other team members very well, giving me time to focus on the story & design, and puzzles...uh oh! ;) Use Indy with Toilet.

Lots of exciting stuff, and production is generally steady. We realized 200 rooms was over ambitious, but Misja has been keen to push for 150. Who knows :) Thanks to everyone who's recently donated and continued to support the project! It was also great to get some feedback on Jan's arcade fighter - with one AGS member called Progz saying "What ze herr Hitler is thiz! Zis is ze stupid!" or something. :P

After a several month dry spell - I finally saw the latest working version of Primordia and have been able to write a couple of brand new tracks, including my first ever 10 minute background piece. Considering all the music I've done in the last two years has pretty much been through inspiration from working on Primordia, it's great to get back into the project that's been a real eye-opener in music making for me.

The game itself looks great - and much more polished than ever. The music works and I'm thankful to the team for being supportive about it! Be sure to try "Beacon" by Pinback over at AGS to get a feel for the style up-coming in Primordia. I also got the OLD video back online on my alternative youtube account. Search "primordia game" on youtube.

Well - that's all the stuff that matters in the internet world. In the real world, things haven't been quite as perky. But things to come are still very intriguing :)

Thanks for reading!