Thursday, 27 November 2008

It doesn't deserve a title

Things is ares hotting up at AGS as a massive debate revolving around Nacho occurs & two blogs merge into one, and a game is "deleted" from the datbase by it's author. Also, A Vampyre Story thing becomes available as a demo and the majorty of people are left dissapointed.

In other news, Man City win 2-0 to Schalke! Not that I care really. And you probably don't either. I have been able to update the Screen 7 film & games pages; a minor update which includes the Ben Jordan film we made.

It's a quiet time for music as I wait on a release of a game, and I haven't filmed for a couple of weekends. More news soon, but only if & when it's relevant.....and it never is :P

Monday, 10 November 2008

Hey dumbass, over here!

I've recently put my demo for Dumbass Drivers online, and have managed to find an artist who is helping to re-draw all the backgrounds into his lovely style for the full version, thank you Matti! You can play my demo with great voice acting by Grundislav here:

In other news, WATCHED II has begun filming & will be my 2nd short film produced in 2008. The original film was shot 6 years ago so it's quite exciting to be pulling together the old crew, visit some old locations & shoot some NEW material! I hope to have it edited by Christmas, but Jan or Feb 2009 looks more possible.

Recently announced is a new LARRY VALES game and Phil has kindly asked me to contribute music, yay! I'm a tune or two away for finishing my latest MIDI score for MURPHY'S SALVAGE, a short AGS game that I expect will be out by the end of November 08! I've only done one soundtrack in MIDI this WHOLE year, which is a bit of a shame, but I've been going through a lot of personal issues this year and I couldn't focus strongly on music. But don't fret, NELLY COOTALOT 2 is in the midst!!! Though I haven't heard anything from the developer. I haven't heard any more about FATMAN 2. Still, a lot of sequels lined up, my pants are wet already!

Not much else to say I'm afraid! No new UFO's either :( But Grace told me about an alien light that travelled through her and two mates. INTRIGUING. Or just plain CRAZY? You decide :p