Thursday, 15 April 2010

Volcano disrupts Europe

Just enjoying a rare occasion such as this today - all flights grounded across the UK and much of Europe as an ash cloud from a volcano in Iceland passes over. An epic act of God, and what a lovely day for a completely clear, untainted sky... Peace :)

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Merry Eastermas

Two months later and whats new? Mittens is finally organised for 2010 and people went with my cheaper villa option, which is great news - now I can afford to go...just!

Lost In Paradise is so very nearly complete!! Just a massive outro animation to make and then some touch-ups. Screw the bad art near the beginning. Walkable areas and walk-behinds are no fun to create manually, well, not twice. Because it also means reprogramming character's beginning X & Y co-ordinates in about 40 rooms, and I'd rather not :P

All I really need now is Luke Rideout to help me by making an awesome GUI like he has for the (on-hold) Kinky Island game and everything will be done and perfect...ish! Oh, and the soundtrack has reached 60 minutes and over 70 tracks...the most I've ever done...*phew*

I'm taking part in a couple of other projects musically, several tracks for "No One Likes You" and also now some tracks for the "Living Nightmare" sequel.

Also some discussion, but not much, has happened on Nelly 2 and my possible involvement, but more so the games creator Alasdair Beckett has helped find a possible location for AdventureX (which failed for a second time earlier this year). It's a spooky crypt near Holborn in London. I'm going to try and get it organised for SATURDAY 30th OCTOBER or the Saturday before that.

Being a one day event will mean I can drop the price dramatically, so it'll be £10 to visit and meet/listen to Mr Boakes, Mr Cecil and other well known game developers.

Watch this space :)

Other than that, not much else on the horizon... I'm chatting with a movie studio about working on a fan-game I had planned back in 2003 - we'll see how that goes. They were originally enthusiastic and if that is still the case, I'll start production later this year. Working title: Beneath Perfection. Do some research and you may find said studio and related movies :)

I'm also working on a local, for fun movie with my friends based on Yahtzee's Lunchtime of the Damned (the first Reality On The Norm game). It'll use some of the character names and some of their traits, but is far more about a zombie outbreak rather than the place "Reality". More on this soon :)

And script writing & ideas discussion for Ben Jordan movie 2 are still in full-swing, with a draft script about a third complete, though it's very subject to change, right up until the moment we film it... No official title for the movie yet, though.

So stuff is happening, slowly but surely - and although I'd rather be getting laid, it seems there is still a never ending line of things to do with games and movies to be done, which is always good! Thanks for reading, enjoy your Easter :)