Thursday, 3 December 2009


No free money here I'm afraid, but plenty of other interesting-ish stuff!!

I'm pleased to say several new games have been finished lately! Firstly there's the Tales of Monkey Island fan-game parody thingy which I created music for, pretty hastily, and never really finished! But it was on a tight deadline! By monkey_05_06 and artwork by Ben - nice to finally contribute to both their works!

Also, GreenBoy's new short comedy adventure Danny Dread is on Call which has a proper soundtrack by me! I love this little game, it's not too long but the puzzles are fun, the humour is witty and the animations are a very nice touch. Please check it oot :D

And also a demo of my very own game, Lost In Paradise which has effectively made the November - December 2009 my most productive AGS weeks ever! The game itself is progressing nicely. Lately I have been a bit slack on it though because of all these other mini-projects, so the original idea of having it done in 2009 is...very unlikely. But as the Complete-O-Meter on the s7 website says, it IS a good 50-60% complete :)

For Halloween, we also felt like making a little movie and so came up with a rather weird horror film called Bludgeoned To Death, available to watch for the 1st time in a higher!

And that's about it. I'm still skint, just got a comfy bed after using floors, couches and campervans for the last 18 months, so I am enjoying epic comfy sleep at the moment...Other than that, I still drink & smoke too much, but am quite content at the moment. Perhaps because I've been replaying Theme Hospital lately...Thanks for reading, now go do something more useful!1


Tuesday, 6 October 2009

I know what I smoked

Brand new History channel documentary "I Know What I Saw" by James Fox aired on Sunday 4th. It's an up to date docu about the reality of UFO's about our planet and includes well-cut material from the National Press Club meeting with lots of high ranking witnesses & also interviews from about the world with others. It will seriously challenge any skeptics who believe UFO's are trickery, but don't take my word for it - check it out!

Watch all 9 parts on YouTube:

Saturday, 3 October 2009

I can sea the see!

Fountain of Youth and Lost In Paradise continue slowly, but my exclusive news for today is Nelly 2! If that means nothing to you then come back when it does!! The sequel is HUUGE and I've been lucky enough to read a design document -- mostly because I shall be working on the music again, wooot! Anyway it's going to be a major sequel to 2007's best AGS game! :D Watch this space!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Not bloggered

Well I haven't updated this for a while so I thought I should. Besides drinking, I've been busy trying to organise AdventureX the expo show for AGS developers and other peoples with some special guests. It's coming along well, I nearly have the website ready & thankfully some awesome special guests are set to speak, including Jonathan Boakes, Charles Cecil & hopefully Dave Gilbert :D

This is good news for adventure game fans like me. I've also been getting my teeth back into composing and hope to do some real soundtrack work next year. I've been playing San Andreas lately and it's given me a kick up the backside to work on a project I've had planned in full for about 6 years. I was going to get the game funded but the funder had to pull out as the funds would have paid for professional artists, so as that's not the case anymore I'm going to make it myself - even if the graphical standard will be somewhat By The Sword :P

I was actually surprised with what I managed to achieve in a day (see below), 3 of 7 islands in a game in 3D using Bryce. I'm keeping this game low key, it won't be announced anywhere else until it's complete. My 3D art is nothing to shout about, and the characters will be equally bad hehe but after thinking of some practical ways to make the best of Bryce3D I decided to go for it, and it's been fun - even though Bryce just gets slower, slower and slower with each new object :P

I'm going to Sonisphere in about 15 days, and have been trying to shoot a new comedy movie - but it's too epic in scale & I don't have the resources (or a car) for it at the moment, so I'm going to reserve my film-making energy for a short horror and of course, with any luck, a new Ben Jordan movie at Mittens 2010 ;)

Thanks for reading, enjoy your summer!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

There's something in the mist...

..and it lept out and ate my sandwich..BASTARD!

So it's been a while since I bothered to blog, mostly because of problems in "waking life" as my dream book likes to refer to it. I also lost the internet for a good 3 or 4 weeks. Therefore my productivity on the whole had been reduced to 1%.

But hey, now I have my own place - it's pretty lush and I have the internet back. My head is still in several different places after living with my good friend & her kids, and effectively ripping myself away from the "family unit" we'd created. But I got to wish her all the best and her twins - I seriously enjoyed living with you for months and months on end! But whatever, you'll never read this :p

So what's on the cards now? Surely I haven't been completely dormant?

Well yes, I have. Sorry :P

I have mostly been working on getting the s7 store online, because it's time for me to make a little back from what I do - especially for now whilst I have all new bills to pay & stuff. The store is almost working, but there seems to be a problem with sending the customer back to a confirmed page. Gash.

KI has not been touched for a good month or 2 now, but my inspiration is coming back :) Mainly because I've been in the company of a girl I adore recently and I've been feeling loved up -- something I haven't felt for fucking ages! I even have a slight sense of hope & optomism about life now, which seriously, 3 weeks ago, I didn't.

There's nothing happening on the music front. I haven't had enough updates about Fallen Legend or Greenback to progress with them yet, so I guess I should get back in touch. There's still no word on Larry Vales, Fatman 2 or Nelly Cootalot 2 -- so all I can do is sit and wait. And I really haven't bothered to attatch myself to any new projects on the AGS website either. 09 doesn't really look like a comedy-game year, so I guess I should stick to KI for now :)

It's nice and sunny and now I'm getting motivated to make a step at a time. Thanks for reading, I'll see you again in about 4 months :P

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Mod's mini movie review

Christmas time has been good this year, loads of fantastic specials and even some great movies on! Oh no wait, those were all DVD's. Still, I seem to have watched a shit load of stuff in the last few weeks, here's my review :)

Very compelling DENNNNZELLL movie. I couldn't wait to watch and see what Denzel was up to this time. He played a very convincing role, and Dakotta Fanning was surprisingly cute and surprisingly un-annoying in this movie. It took a while for the action to kick off but it was fantastic to watch. Walken was very good in this too, and what's more, I watched this straight after CLICK and had no idea Walken would be in it - so it was a pleasent surprise! Overall, a very compelling movie.

Probably the best, fresh comedy I've watched for quite a few years. I want to suck the casting directors dick, because the cast in this movie is simply unbeatable. Adam Sandler plays an amazing role - his best since The Wedding Singer. The writing in the movie is BRILLIANT, had me laughing a lot. Christopher Walken is BLOODY BRILLIANT and both HE and SANDLER should do more movies like this... If you luuvv christopher walkens waaacky voyce, you'll frickin luff dis movie! The FONZ is in it and so is David Hasselhoff playing the perfect part for the Hoff - WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT!!! The plot was great and it DIDN'T break down into mush at the end...GO WATCH THIS FILM NOW!!!

This film started out great. Will Smith is great in this movie, seriously. But once you hit half way throgh the film, it get's boring. It's not a bad film, in fact - far from it, there's a lot of great moments. But the power struggle that begins half way through the movie should, in my opinion, never have happened. I was really interested in Hancock, and him getting over his problems. There's a great scene where he can finally say "Good job" to cops, and that provoked a really nice feeling inside. Then I was waiting for more like that, but the movie turned into something else - none of his original problems got their resolve and I just couldn't care for his relationship with super-woman. So, worth watching - the first half at least.

This was a great Christmas treat! THANK YOU!!!! I can't get enough of the Royle Family and I was excited about this episode for weeks. It certainly didn't dissapoint, but there seemed to be a few things missing, mostly Ralf Little - but so so. Not as hard hitting as the previous Christmas special but, I'm EXTREMELY glad they still went ahead and made another one. This made BBC viewing essential this year, which hasn't happened to me for quite a while!! All the usual characters played their roles extremely well, and Denise looked hot in her apron! Hehe

I can't remember it's name but it was fun to watch. It had its moments. It was just nice that it was on, it felt like the older years when no-one had freeview and so everyone sat and watched Wallace & Gromit at Christmas :) I don't think this one was as good as Wrong Trousers by far, and not quite as good as a close shave, but it was definitely fun, and the love element for Gromit was a lovely touch. So well done Aardman! Hopefully next time there won't be any women, as with the original 2 films.

And that's about it, I can't remember what else I've watched, apart from that Eurovision song contest audition thing with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Graham Norton, and that is actually a good laugh! I plan to audition for BB10 in the next week, maybe even today - yes, I know, signing my life away, but I'm up for it :)

Til next time...take it easy!

Sunday, 4 January 2009


Woop! Kinky Island is going back into production...full, hard, fast production - thanks to its new character artist & animator with undeniable talent - Luke Rideout.

And the great thing is, it probably won't take long to make now :)

Watch this space!