Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Come rain or shine

Thought I'd write a bit of a progress report, especially so that when I'm 80 I can log on and remember what I was up to in June 2012. But also because it might interest someone like Jim Spanos, or his grand-kids, when he has them, and teaches them to re-post articles from the 21st century in 2112 (that son bitch will get the last laugh, I know it!!) ;)

Ben Jordan must f***ing hurry up and exist
The movie sequel is just about done. We have one scene and a couple of shots left to take but the weather has been ridiculously bad the last month, the final location has been flooded, dangerous and such so we just haven't been able to do it. I'm waiting on some voice files and graphics but I still have every intention of releasing the video around July 7th. Promo video below!

July 7th is Screen 7 re-launch day
This is the day the new website goes live. The content has been somewhat cut down as I intend to shift all my personal stuff (my own games etc) to my mods.agser.me account. Anyway, from this day, you'll be able to see the new website, and some others, including:

  • Summerbatch (summerbatch.co.uk)
  • Kinky Island (actually already online at www.kinkyisland.co.uk)
  • The Visitor

    Sub-sites that will not be quite ready by that date but will follow soon after:

  • The Cat Lady (thecatlady.co.uk)
  • A Night at Camp Ravenwood (ravenwood-game.co.uk)

    Summerbatch 8th July release
    The developers have been working their pants off to get their games ready for July 8th release. The batch will be on sale for 3 months from July 8th to Oct 8th 2012. You can pay what you want. PLUS I've just been told an 8th game is also in the works, after some debate and problems, but that's great news. Not just 7 games, 8 now! Lots of talented people working on their games and I'm excited to see how they develop. Games include:

  • Nancy the Happy Whore (Technocrat)
  • PISS (Ben304)
  • Teardrop (Creed Malay, Denxil Quixode)
  • Barley Floating (AJA)
  • Jailbreak (Rocco)
  • Lycoris* (LimpingFish)
  • Patchwork (Ilyich)
  • Unknown title* (LocutusOfBored and Babar)

    * Title may be changed

    I've played Nancy the Happy Whore and it's a very slick retro point & click with excellent humor, satisfying graphics and animation and the soundtrack is funky to boot!

    The Cat Lady
    Currently in beta testing and voices are being recorded. Still quite a bit to be done, but it's looking great. Scary game though, even I can't handle playing it late at night :P But I'm a pussy. Still, hope to get it out sooner than Halloween 2012 but that is the "max" deadline for the game.

    Other news
    - Still working on Camp Ravenwood music, having fun :) Here's one of my earlier tracks, Where's Smoky? You may be wondering how did I come up with such a stupid melody? Well I was thinking the words (and syllables) "Drin-king lots of be-er on a tues-day day!" because I was drinking beer at midday on a Tuesday and that melody popped into my head. Try it, you'll hear those words and never look back ;) - Kinky Island exceeds its funding goal, I've started gathering photos of pledgers to turn into characters and am currently writing the second draft of the story - FoY will be recruiting new writers very soon, progress on the game is good

    Thanks to everyone who's supported these projects recently, no matter how, by blogging it, by pledging to it, by simply keeping an eye on it. Last month was pretty slow AGS wise but this month sees Resonance come out and at the beginning of next month Screen 7 present 8 new games with Summerbatch. So SOMETHING is certainly going on. I'm also in the process of arranging AdventureX 2012. Watch this space!

    That's all I can think of right now. Have a nice June!

  • Monday, 4 June 2012


    As requested, here are the two sounds from the judge fight of Poacher supplied by Yahtzee - who says:

    "Trivia time: It's me shouting! With a pitch shift and reverb."


    All the best, Mods