Sunday, 8 May 2011

New game of the Testicle

I finished my parody piece of shiz! It's here:

You never have to admit to playing it, but if you do - have fun!

Now to get to work on the next adventure! Wait, no, I mean finish the BJ movie and FoY... :p

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Black to the future

Back from kiting and it was fun but all my mobile phone pics got deleted without any known technical reason so that's pissed me off :P But I've already launched AGS and worked on some little bits for NOTT.

Played and downloaded part 4 of the BTTF adventure game but found it to be the weakest part, last night. Been listening to my BTTF movie 1 OST and loving it :D Generally am BTTF obsessed right now and will be watching the trilogy asap!

Or, asaicbatwtv.

Been invited to Amsterdam but I'm broke so we'll see. Mate may pay for expenses (Cheers Charlie) and as he's rich I don't feel bad LOL :P Of course there's Ireland and the months are closing in, so it means after this week of real game focus I must finish the new BJ movie.

And that's about it. Game stuff time right now, maybe a release tonight? That's very optimistic. Friday is a safer bet.


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