Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Suck my summerbatch

We're about to hit 700 copies sold, thanks to everyone who has bought it, shown support or just been curious about it and slagged it off! It was great to get a mention on PC Gamer, Adventure Gamers and a few other awesome sites, like:
Jay is games yes he is
Wraithkal's retro games and haircut
Focus for me now is on The Cat Lady and the voice production, lots to do but it edges closer every day. Must download the new build now :) BJ:MD is almost complete, and although I had sworn away movie making, it seems a potentially massive project has fallen into my lap. More on this soon, but I'll say it involves a Hollywood writer who's made a bunch of well known sci-fi films and....the Ben Jordan franchise. Go figure :D Work also continues on Kinky Island, Camp Ravenwood and FoY. That's all. The only other thing left to do is....Suck my summerbatch! --Mods

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