Monday, 23 July 2012

Summerbatch pre-post

Summerbatch, a collection of games for the summer is almost ready for release. I wanted to post a quick update about some of the material within the collection. We've had to extend the deadline for developers a couple of times, but still very hopeful that it will be ready for the end of the month.

Additionally, 2 games will unfortunately not see the light of day in this edition so the total number of games is 6 this time round, however they WILL be included in the followup collection, which could possibly be in Winter (some have speculated Winterbatch, I am up for it - but only when this one is out!!)

So this week is an important week for beta versions and testing. I've been lucky to have a go on 4 out of the 6 games, with 2 others hopefully presenting their beta editions today or tomorrow.

Nancy The Happy Whore by Technocrat is a quality retro looking game that can take up to about an hour to complete. James has mastered another medium length game and had it finished well in time for the Summerbatch deadline, in fact, his final version has been available for almost a month now. A slightly different angle for James perhaps, to go with a comedy about a whore - but the writing is witty, the characters are funny and the atmosphere has a great vibe. I admit though, I haven't actually beaten the game yet!

Patchwork is of higher resolution and is made by Ilyich. I HAVE completed this game and enjoyed it, it took me about an hour and a half in total. The back story may seem a little cliché at first but the world you're thrown into is magical, whimsical and a nicer side of the "transported to a parallel universe" cliché. No snorting horrible aliens trying to eat you - a fun bunch of local characters and spirits. You can control two different characters which works nicely, and undertake puzzles for the both of them. I really enjoyed the puzzles which are not just inventory based. It's a lot of fun and it's finished and ready for Summerbatch!

Barely Floating by AJA is another higher resolution game that features a whole cast of characters and is reported to have a play time of 2 to 3 hours! I'm progressing through it but haven't beaten it yet. The design is slick and there's an interesting feature when it comes to talking to other people, you can also ask them about anything in view which is a nice touch. There is some advanced scripting in other areas that help create a wonderful atmosphere inside the ship. Lots of music & incidental sound effects add to the puzzle solving, playing the role of an old man has never been so fun!

PISS by Ben304 is a game that presents an above-usual quality by said developer, known for his work various successful free adventure games. In fact, he's even stated lately that this is probably his longest game to date! I've been playing but have no indication on how long it is, as I have only tried the early beta at this point. But seeing some of the screenshots recently posted it appears the explorable world really opens up later in the game. With some neat effects, lots of character animations and some clever little features - PISS appears to be everything a point & click fan could want! Again a fantasy setting, a quirky mission but most of all a wonderful thing to play!

Jailbreak is a top down stealth game by Rocco. We're waiting on the beta, expected today or tomorrow - all I can say is I'm intrigued!

BioFactor by LocutusOfBored and Babar began life as an arcade game when it was designed many years ago - but the idea has been resurrected for Summerbatch and re-made into a point and click. Yet to play the beta, so little is known about this game right now.

Teardrop and Lycoris have been hit by development hell and will not be released until the next collection. However, you can certainly still support developer Creed Malay with his project The Big Sheep in the meantime, and tell LimpingFish you want to play Lycoris very very much!

The next post should be a release announcement! The website should be up and functional at this coming weekend, and don't forget I've recently updated the main Screen 7 website with a new look! iPad users, it turns out, won't be able to listen to the (Flash) radio player. Sorry about that!

Thanks for reading :)


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